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the message of amos bible speaks today rev j alec - the message of amos bible speaks today rev j alec motyer d d on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers affluence exploitation and the profit motive were the most notable features of the society which amos observed and in which he worked standards had gone to pot authority and the rule of law were despised, minor prophets bible commentaries and study guide - dec 13 reading joel 1 3 introduction to joel dictionary and books introduction to joel today s bible even now declares the lord return to me with all your heart with fasting and weeping and mourning, the message of jonah presence in the storm bible speaks - the message of jonah presence in the storm bible speaks today rosemary nixon on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers the book of jonah is mostly remembered for its oddity a runaway prophet swallowed by a whale but there must be more to the book than that and indeed there is for one thing, book of joel wikipedia - the masoretic text places joel between hosea and amos the order inherited by the tanakh and old testament while the septuagint order is hosea amos micah joel obadiah jonah the hebrew text of joel seems to have suffered little from scribal transmission but is at a few points supplemented by the septuagint syriac and vulgate versions or by conjectural emendation, 1 joel learning from the locusts joel by pastor ron - first sermon learning from the locusts of 6 part series on general theme there s a great day coming by pastor ron thomas book of joel preached at rodgers baptist church garland texas, god still speaks today sermon by john gaston john 10 27 - god still speaks today john 10 27 introduction a humor it s important to speak listen 1 a wife was suing her husband for divorce and accused him of not speaking to her in five years, the bible its 66 books in brief old testament - foreword these brief outlines of the 66 books of the bible first appeared on the pages of the lord is near a daily scriptural meditation calendar which is available through many christian bookstores or from the publishers of this book believers bookshelf, the bible journey jesus passes through samaria - mk 1 14 after john is arrested by herod antipas in 27ad jesus goes north to galilee meaning the circle an apt name for the roughly circular lake and the surrounding hills the hebrew name for the lake yam kinneret means a harp again describing the shape of the lake the lake is quite small roughly 13 miles 21km long by 7 miles 11km wide and lies in the jordan, bible chronology timeline chronology of the old - the chronology of the old testament prophets the sixteen prophets isaiah to malachi whose writings have come down to us lived during four centuries from about 800 to 400 b c, 2 samuel chapter 14 kjv official king james bible online - 2 samuel chapter 14 kjv king james version yeah i agree disciple i know alot of people still today struggle with pressure to look good in order to fit n wear what s n styleuse our bodies to get stuff this can take away a persons character did god make a mistake in how he made u people don t get to see the real you imagen what he sees when he looks at us we are beautiful not bc of our, ken raggio bible study lessons sermons resources prophecy - a personal message from ken raggio nothing on earth has the power to affect your life more than the gospel of jesus christ in any bible topic there are priceless treasures for living