The Lisbon Treaty And Social Europe -

treaty establishing a constitution for europe wikipedia - the treaty establishing a constitution for europe tce commonly referred to as the european constitution or as the constitutional treaty was an unratified international treaty intended to create a consolidated constitution for the european union eu it would have replaced the existing european union treaties with a single text given legal force to the charter of fundamental rights and, lisbon treaty q a your guide to what it means and what - the lisbon treaty is the controversial successor to the european union constitution and is billed as necessary update to streamline brussels institutions, animal welfare food safety - with the support and close co operation of the eu countries the european commission has been promoting animal welfare for over 40 years gradually improving the lives of farm animals, eu law european union - eu law is divided into primary and secondary legislation the treaties primary legislation are the basis or ground rules for all eu action, european union definition purpose history members - the treaty establishing the eec required members to eliminate or revise important national laws and regulations in particular it fundamentally reformed tariff and trade policy by abolishing all internal tariffs by july 1968, portugal history people points of interest - lisbon is portugal s capital and economic and cultural centre the city clings to low but steep hills situated on the right bank of the tagus and is a popular tourist destination lisbon is rather more tranquil and reserved than madrid in neighbouring spain but it shares with it a reputation for great food melancholy and romantic music dance and sport