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pagan portals the awen alone walking the path of the - pagan portals the awen alone walking the path of the solitary druid joanna van der hoeven on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers druidry is a wonderful spiritually fulfilling life path through the magic that is druidry, organic portals a race of soulless humans humans are free - this goes also beyond having a positive attitude where hope can be merely a trap and lie to the self believing in lies that are positive in appearance regardless how well meaning the intent or good hearted the person is actually being negative and blocks one s awareness and spiritual evolution, bill johnson exposed 08 portals spirit travel sozo and - bill johnson has invited practices like opening portals visualization practices spirit travel fire tunnels sozo and conjuring angel orbs into his church, drawing down the sun rekindle the magick of the solar - discover the hidden mysteries of the sun goddesses and reclaim the all but lost archetype of the solar feminine while today the sun is often seen as a masculine divinity for many cultures throughout history it was the ultimate symbol of feminine power and creation, lifespirit peace page pray for peace weekly peace vigil - his holiness the dalai lama returned to new york city in september of 2003 to give four days of teachings on training the mind and opening the heart from september 17 to 20 2003, a bad witch s blog - ellen evert hopman is a herbalist and author her name in ogham living in america you can visit her bookstore and blog here www elleneverthopman com you can also learn herbalism with ellen at the western massachusetts school of herbal studies october to april each year pob 219 amherst ma 01004 usa, the blue avians and blue sphere beings do you know what - the hindu false god vishnu was a giant according to tradition which correlates with this story showing horus in blue note the photo shows horus with 6 fingers also common for giants or offspring between human and nephilim beings genesis 6 4 and book of enoch from the dead sea scrolls, how mind control programming affects us all satanic - mind control programming is the ability to control and or manipulate a persons thoughts feelings beliefs and actions through implanted subconscious level coded instructions via subatomic devices, armenian stonehenge incredible history of the 7 500 year - in 1994 zorats karer was extensively analyzed by professor paris herouni a member of the armenian national academy of science and president of the radio physics research institute in yerevan, behance best of behance - showcase and discover the latest work from top online portfolios by creative professionals across industries, what ancient secrets lie within the flower of life - the flower of life is a name for a geometrical figure composed of seven or more evenly spaced overlapping circles this figure used as a decorative motif since ancient times forms a flower like pattern with the symmetrical structure of a hexagon, italian renaissance art 1400 1600 art history teaching - the term renaissance means rebirth and generally refers to this period s revival of an interest in classical antiquity ancient literature humanistic principles and classical artistic styles many textbooks contrast the interest in naturalism and humanism found in renaissance art with the more abstract style and otherworldly focus of medieval art, bells supernatural enchantment and a biblical perspective - bells supernatural enchantment and a biblical perspective in 2012 and 2013 many giant bells have been cast and honored with eight featured in a barge leading the massive flotilla for queen of england s diamond jubilee celebration the largest ringing bell in europe for the opening day and ceremony of 2012 london olympics and nine in celebrating the 850th anniversary of the notre dame, snyder bible scriptural studies archives - the apostolic diaries archives of ancient apostolic autographs from the dead sea scrolls to hillel iii many titles all are true names versions most are new translations found nowhere else no pagan names titles or worship words added, mankind s forbidden history holds the answer for the - it is perhaps the most convoluted puzzle to ever exist a timeline which pits some of today s most dominant dogmas whether scientific or theological in an unrelenting war against one another, encyclopedia of electronic music s pugachov - s a d russia super sounds ii 2017 collage based project of vasily stepanov and vlad dobrovolski has elements of new age and a weird a bit cluster like prog em touch