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lewis w hine american photographer britannica com - lewis w hine lewis w hine american photographer who used his art to bring social ills to public attention hine was trained as a sociologist he began to portray the immigrants who crowded onto new york s ellis island in 1905 and he also photographed the tenements and sweatshops where the immigrants were, the history place child labor in america investigative - sixty nine extraordinary photographs of children at work from 1908 12 taken by lewis w hine the investigative photographer for the national child labor beareau, kids at work lewis hine and the crusade against child - amazon com kids at work lewis hine and the crusade against child labor 0046442797269 russell freedman lewis hine books, women at work 153 photographs by lewis hine dover - women at work 153 photographs by lewis hine dover photography collections lewis wickes hine jonathan l doherty international museum of photography at g on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers, the history place child labor in america about - photographer lewis w hine 1874 1940 was born in oshkosh wisconsin he studied sociology at chicago and new york universities becoming a teacher then took up photography as a means of expressing his social concerns, national child labor committee wikipedia - in 1908 the national child labor committee hired lewis hine a teacher and professional photographer trained in sociology who advocated photography as an educational medium to document child labor in american industry, history of photography perfecting the medium c 1900 c - history of photography perfecting the medium c 1900 c 1945 at the turn of the 20th century one of the most influential pictorialist groups was the photo secession founded in new york city in 1902 by photographer alfred stieglitz, georgia backroads magazine georgia history scenic - welcome to georgia backroads magazine a premier source for information on georgia history nature travel ideas and genealogy if you re interested in georgia history our natural environment travel or if you simply enjoy excellent writing and superb photography with a minimum of advertising you will love georgia backroads, american ethnography quasimonthly art - photography and sociology have approximately the same birth date if you count sociology s birth as the publication of comte s work which gave it its name and photography s birth as the date in 1839 when daguerre made public his method for fixing an image on a metal plate 2 from the beginning both worked on a variety of projects, the history of photography archive timeline - in the photo history timeline collection year timeline artist title year 1725 johann schulze discovered the darkening of silver salts, doomed to pittsburgh w eugene smith in the city of steel - from march until august 1955 eugene smith photographed pittsburgh on what was originally a two week assignment lead to over 11 000 photos, 20th century america teacher oz - 20th 21st century america updated july 11 2005 jump to comprehensive sites timelines primary documents maps 1900 vs 2000 impact of the 20th century planes trains automobiles the first 20 years 1900 1920 world war i immigration the roaring twenties the turbulent thirties world war ii the fight for civil rights, english literature loras college - writing the midwestern landscape students combine digital photography with nature writing in midwestern winter landscapes the instructor leads students on snowshoeing hikes at mines of spain and swiss valley nature reserves as part of the writing process