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oxford public international law home - oxford public international law opil is a comprehensive single location providing integrated access across our international law services bringing you one step closer to the perfect research solution, international environmental law public international law - international environmental law iel is concerned with the attempt to control pollution and the depletion of natural resources within a framework of sustainable development, general principles of law international law oxford - reference works in spite of what many authors of standard manuals of international law have stated in introduction to their own theories there is a surprising dearth of literature given the importance and difficulty of the topic and compared to the literature dedicated to treaty and custom law, codification international law oxford bibliographies - statistical approach to codification gamble and hido 2008 analyzes codification in the field of international humanitarian law ihl from a statistical perspective although this focus may seem narrow the paper is rather revealing on the choices of what should or should not be codified, international humanitarian law public international law - the war report is published annually since 2013 by the geneva academy of humanitarian law and human rights it provides an overview of contemporary trends in current armed conflicts including key international humanitarian law ihl and policy issues that have arisen and require attention, international investment arbitration substantive - arbitration of overseas investment disputes is one of the fastest growing areas of international dispute resolution the exponential growth of international investment in recent years has led to the signature of over two thousand bilateral investment treaties bits between foreign states in addition to a wealth of multilateral treaties and other forms of concession agreements, the foundations of international investment law bringing - international investment law is one of the fastest growing areas of international law it has led to the signing of thousands of agreements mostly in the form of investment contracts and bilateral investment treaties, gw law library library guides online databases books - this is an alphabetical list of all electronic resources to which the law library subscribes each entry for an electronic resource includes a description of the resource s contents and information about access to the resource, international trade law wikipedia - international trade law includes the appropriate rules and customs for handling trade between countries however it is also used in legal writings as trade between private sectors which is not right this branch of law is now an independent field of study as most governments have become part of the world trade as members of the world trade organization wto, researching haitian law globalex - researching haitian law by marisol flor n romero marisol flor n romero is the international reference librarian at florida international university fiu college of law library published may june 2008 read the update table of contents general information, online law library in india legal research legal - online law library in india is the largest free online collection of laws and regulations on topics related to on family law cyber law constitution consumer protection insurance entertainment laws e commerce and many more issues the library is hailed as the most comprehensive place for legal research in india, update guide to russian federation law in english globalex - update guide to russian federation law in english selection of sources by lucy cox lucy cox is librarian emerita of the rutgers university law school library at camden where she was reference and foreign international law librarian her responsibilities included maintaining the ginsburgs collection of soviet and post soviet law, foreign law legal research resources on the internet - foreign law topical research cloning human beings national bioethics advisory commission immigration asylum and refugee law elisa mason guide to country research for refugee status determination llrx com february 15 2001 elisa mason guide to international refugee law resources on the web law library resource xchange llrx july 15 2000